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Industry Challenges

Offshore wind developers face critical issues such as increased technical complexity related to platform and turbine stability, designing maximum sea states and wind conditions, increasing turbine sizes and mooring system selection. Furthermore, there is also need to achieve lower LCOE’s and an overall concern for labor requirements, supply chain development and logistics.

Offshore Floating Structures Experts

OSI Renewables™ are leaders in offshore floating structures industry, delivering complete turnkey wind solution packages, that streamlines engineering, procurement, construction, and installation process for developers, reducing costs and unlocking revenue. We help customers to optimize the entire wind power generation process safely and efficiently, while extending system and design life.

Our Solution

We have developed a complete turnkey floating wind solution that leverages OSI’s 40+ years of experience in offshore fixed and floating project installations.

The system is ideal for harsh wind and sea conditions and suitable to over 20MW turbines at 150m water depth.

The value that we bring to developers is a unique turnkey, ‘one-stop-shop’ aproach with a completely integrated floating wind package from seabed connections to turbine that has considered all the elements, is optimised through global analysis, which significantly reduces installation costs while simplifying procurement.”


Features and Benefits

Turnkey Floating Wind System Features:

  • Includes the complete package of seabed mooring, hull, turbine, pull-in & installation
  • Scalable to over 20 megawatt and water depths up to 150 meters and wave heights greater than 20 meters
  • Utilizes a lower cost tension-leg platform (TLP) style mooring system
  • Integral floating structure, mooring, and turbine design optimized through rigorous global design and analysis
  • Able to be integrated with any OEM turbine if desired

Benefits of the Integral Design:

  • Optimizes wind power generation
  • Ensures stability between the platform and wind turbine
  • Minimizes fatigue stresses applied to the structure
  • Extends system utilisation and design life
  • Minimizes maintenance costs/OPEX

Integrating It All

Dynamic analysis is key to optimal design
By looking at the system as a whole, we are able to conquer the concept selection for floating structures quickly and efficiently. OSI’s RiserTec™ subsidiary takes design parameters such as water depth, sea states, and wind conditions, to carry out an in-depth analysis to determine optimal system design for best performance in the dynamic offshore environment.

Simplifying Procurement, Reducing Costs

Our turnkey approach drastically reduces complexity and total installed costs. We deliver a one-stop complete solution driven by a deep understanding of the global engineering design and analysis, that is optimised for manufacturing, and streamlined for installation/ service, significantly simplifying floating offshore wind projects.

Global Service & Support

Our UK manufacturing operations located at Heartlands, Scotland with relationships with multiple ports are ideal for meeting local content requirements on projects like ScotWind or INTOG. Additionally, our global manufacturing operations in North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East are ready to support your projects anywhere in the world.

OSI Renewables™ is a part of the OSI portfolio. Through our global footprint in 14 countries and more than 1,200 employees we leverage our deepwater engineering & analysis, manufacturing, testing, and offshore operational experience to provide our integrated systems and services.

UK manufacturing operations located at Heartlands, Scotland, with additional multi-site support providing easy access to ports.